Rockin’ Baja Lobster

Location: 3890 Twiggs St, San Diego, CA 92110

The July 4th long weekend is coming and it’s time to put your feet up and enjoy some good old family style dinner! Now if you’re looking for some good surf and turf I recommend you give Rockin’ Baja Lobster a try.

My husband and I discovered this place accidentally when we were driving through Old Town in San Diego one day just exploring the place from our car. We saw this epic sign with a cartoon lobster wearing sunglasses and a cute sombrero and knew we had to check it out. Much to our surprise this was a local San Diego eatery serving up Baja style lobsters, other seafood delights, and GIANT margaritas! The place was founded by a San Diego family who often traveled down to Puerto Nuevo and decided to bring their love of Pacific lobster dinners back to California.

Excited by this new found gem combined with our intense hunger after a long day sightseeing, we decided to order their take out dinner special. As you can see this came as an enormous aluminum container filled with goodies like a whole Maine lobster, snow crab legs, grilled steak and chicken, and succulent prawns. On top of all this we got 2 grilled fresh corn on the cob, tortilla, ranchero beans, citrus rice, and a side of chips with their homemade tomatillo and fire roasted chili salsas!

Seriously, I didn’t expect this much food! The lobster and prawns were juicy and tender with a slight smokey flavor that goes FANTASTIC with their signature honey chili butter dipping sauce. The crab was average not too special but the steak and chicken were sooo good. I mean they were marinated in some kind of Mexican spice blend that’s so freakin delicious. The citrus rice, fresh nacho chips, and beans were also highly addictive, not to mention their fire roasted corn on the cob….you really can’t go wrong there just slather a bit more of that honey chili butter and OMG you are in heaven!

Yes, we ended up feasting elbows deep bare handed cracking claws, peeling shells, and double fisting lobster meat and steak. It’s definitely a fun meal to have with family! They have a 3 locations scattered around San Diego in downtown Gaslamp, Old Town, and Oceanside. Be sure to check it out the next time you want a rockin’ epic meal!

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