A New Kind of KFC: Korean Fried Chicken

Location: 4690 Convoy St Suite 102, San Diego, CA 92111

Bonchon: a place serving up cook to order delicious Korean Fried Chicken!

We recently came across this awesome Korean fried chicken (a.k.a. KFC) spot called Bonchon in a strip mall down in Convoy San Diego. A friend recommended this as one of THE BEST so we had to give it a try. Plus this is one of the most popular fried chicken franchises in South Korea!

While I love the traditional fried chicken places like the actual KFC and Popeye’s, if you never had Korean fried chicken this is a whole new thing of its own! As you can imagine there are lots of different takes on Korean fried chicken from the spicy to tangy to sweet they’re all super delicious. They are also often served with a side of sweet and sour pickled radish to refresh the palate with every bite.

Bonchon hits all the marks of a great fried chicken

In my opinion a good “KFC” requires mastering 3 things: 1) getting the perfect crispy crunchy crust, 2) keeping the meat inside deliciously moist and succulent, and 3) a beautiful sauce that balances the richness of the fried chicken and makes every bite euphoric!

So here’s the reason why Bonchon fried is soo good according to their website.

  1. Hand battered to perfection.
  2. Double fried for crispiness.
  3. Hand brushed with their signature sauces straight from their global kitchen in South Korea (so it’s legit).

Unlike other Korean fried chicken chains, Bonchon only comes in 2 signature flavors: Spicy or Soy Glazed. We opted for the soy glaze as it’s their most popular and was not disappointed! At first bite, the batter is so light and airy and of course super crunchy! The soy glaze is a nice balance of sweet and salty while the meat inside was dripping of juice. Super flavorful! Enjoy with a side of pickled radishes and you can easily eat 10 of these babies!

Tteokbokki spicy rice cakes

For the side dish, we ordered a classic Korean snack food called tteokbokki popular among younger generations. For those of you new to this dish, it’s made up of chewy rice cakes, slices of fish cake, some vegetables, and sometimes ramen stewed in a spicy gochujang (Korean fermented chili paste) sauce.

It’s thick and hearty and packs a punch in flavor and spiciness. You know, one of those foods where it hurts but is so good you can’t stop eating. I love the addition of mozzarella cheese as it adds a nice creaminess to the spicy sauce. And who doesn’t like a good cheese pull?

We highly recommend you check out Bonchon the next time you have a fried chicken craving! They have a such a great menu and we plan to try more the next time we go back.

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