Bobboi Natural Gelato

Location: 8008 Girard Ave #150, La Jolla, CA 92037

If you LOVE gelato as much as I do this is a place you got to try if you’re ever in San Diego! Bobboi Natural Gelato has become a top favorite for my husband and it’s a great spot to grab a nice cold treat on a hot summer day. Situated right in the heart of La Jolla downtown just a small walk away from beautiful La Jolla Cove it’s quickly become an institution for many locals and tourists.

This place is always buzzing with lines of loyal fans excitedly waiting for their turn at the counter, even during these quarantine times. Their gelato is homemade and made of all natural, organic, and local ingredients which really pays off because they are FULL OF FLAVOR!! You know sometimes flavors really don’t live up to their name, but trust me this place really knows what their doing and you definitely won’t be disappointed.

What I like most is their unique selection of flavors! They have both dairy and dairy free gelato so there’s something for everyone here. Some classic flavors that I really enjoy are the Moka , Salted Caramel, Strawberry, and Dark Chocolate, but what’s more interesting are their specialty flavors like floral Rose Honey and Berry Lavender flavors as well as nutty varieties like Vegan Pistacchio (made with rice milk) and Mediterraneo (a mix of pistacchios, hazelnuts, and almonds)! Their gelato is rich, thick, dense, and creamy and bursting with intensity! Seriously a place you don’t want to miss out.

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